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A Learning Environment for the Whole Child

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Your children's health, well-being and safety are our first responsibility.

The center is always locked and a key number is to be entered on the front door keypad in order to have access to the premises.

Smaller children take comfort in TLC's warm, nurturing atmosphere. TLC believes and religiously enforces direct supervision. Our center operates under the recommended DCF teacher to children ratio to allow for better supervision of children and greater safety.Our preschool is constantly monitored to eliminate safety hazards and improve the learning conditions.

Our inspection reports from DCF can be viewed at after we receive our first inspection.

Only authorized parents and others, as documented in the child's file or on the daily authorization slip, are allowed to pickup the child. Authorized parents and others will be asked to present a picture ID when picking up the child.

Plans are in place for dealing with emergencies large and small. Cleanliness is evident at TLC. Even very small children must wash their hands frequently during the day, especially before eating and after playing. We are always careful to wear latex gloves when cooking, feeding or changing children. All equipment, cots, materials and toys are cleaned and sanitized more often than required.

Every employee from lead teacher to volunteers who are helping on a regular basis is investigated. The required background checks and finger printing are done expeditiously. Each classroom and the playground are equipped with video monitoring cameras. These cameras are used for observation and supervision of children and staff. The TV monitor is located in the office of management. The location of our office and receptionist desk allows for direct supervision of the entrance door. Intercom is available in each room to communicate from every corner inside and outside of our premises.

Fire drills are performed once and sometimes twice a month at different times of the day. Evaluation of the evacuation of the building is done and corrective actions are taken to better the process. Weather channel radio is constantly on to monitor emergency weather situations.

In case of a real natural emergency, procedures are followed to bring children to safety. In some cases, 911 will be called. If necessary, we will evacuate the building as directed by the police and the teachers will keep track of the number of children with which they are entrusted. A master list of parents with associated reach telephone numbers is maintained current and will be used to contact parents. Teachers and or office management will stay with the children until the last one has been picked up by the authorized parent or other authorized persons.

A lock down or reverse 911 is when the police department calls the school to warn about an emergency situation outside the school that could threaten the safety of our children. In the event of an emergency that requires a lock down, TLC confirms the situation and authorizes the lock down procedure. All doors and windows get locked and children are gathered in the center of the building. TLC students are returned to their respective classrooms when TLC receives orders that all is now normal.

In case of power failure, we will remain in the classrooms and proceed with regular activities. If the power does not return after a period of time and the situation starts to impact the safety of the children, the parents or other authorized persons will be contacted.

In case of an intoxicated parent, we will attempt to detain the parent. The office management will contact someone from the child's authorized contact list to come and pick up the child. If we are unable to contact another authorized person, the child must be allowed to leave with the parent. However, the police will be contacted immediately.


We know how well children do when they have delicious, nutritious food, and lots of gross motor activities. We provide your child with two healthy snacks and a nutritious hot meal for lunch each day at no additional cost.

Our menus are planned to meet children's daily nutritional requirements while providing food that children love. Please discuss any food allergies, religious or special dietary needs requiring food be brought from home at the time you register your child. Also, talk with our office management about special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc.) if you want to bring special treats.

Attached is the current menu that is rotated over a few weeks. We also make changes from time to time to break the monotony while providing consistency.


The Learning Center of South Park offers two different programs:
. The Full Time Preschool, and
. The VPK program is subsidized by the State and free to the parents.Please inquire within the office for the latest tuition rates.


The Voluntaryl Pre-Kindergarten program is now in place at TLC. Your child can attend free, if he or she qualifies per the State requirements.

To register please call our center to check availability and then access the Early Learning Coalition web site at or call 407-532-4254.

Once you have obtained the appropriate Certificate of Eligibility we will be able to register your child and detailed information will be provided to you.

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