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Summer Program:

The Learning Center of Dr. Phillips - Summer 2007

As we did last summer, our summer long project will be fun. We are going beyond the community and the city to explore our State of Florida, The Sunshine State. Using the Reggio Emilia principles, this project will be done in collaboration with the children. Reggio Emilia promotes the right for our children to understand our community, our city and our State. The project will last 2 months and we will explore those aspects of the projects that are of interest to the children.

And we will be doing just that, with lots of fun and learning taking place. Concurrently, while the Summer long project takes place, we will be working on other short duration projects. Although they are shown as weekly projects, they may take less or more time depending on the interests of the children and the amount of knowledge the children want to gain.

The purpose of the Florida, The Sunshine State Project is for our children to truly understand that part of the country in which we live. It is to engender a sense of awareness and appreciation of our culture on the part of our children. The research about our State, its culture, its people, its commerce, its climate, its landmarks and its parks will be age appropriate for each age group. The findings will be presented by the children and their teachers at the end of the summer. A reception will follow.

It is interesting to note that during each week, items, such as the colors, numbers, letters, shapes, etc., usually learned in a predetermined theme approach will be learned in connection with the short duration projects the children will be working on. Additionally, we will continue to work with our children during the summer to further the development of all skills. As importantly, we will organize field trips to support our projects and to just have fun at parks. Water play will be done throughout the summer and events will be scheduled as we get closer to the month of June.

The first week of the Summer 2007 Program will be spent determining where the interests of the children lie in the following subjects.

5/29 - 6/1
Children's interests for each weekly project are documented by teachers.

6/4 -6/8
Cooking Camp: Cooking activities will take place as scheduled by the teachers.
Teachers complete documentation on summer curriculum.

6/11 - 6/15
Fabulous Fathers: The teachers will plan with their class for Fathers' day. The participation
and activities will vary from class to class.

6/18 - 6/22
Sports of Course: The teachers and children will get involved in different sports and water play activities and will compete in an Olympic at the end of the week. Ribbons will be awarded. Our parents who are into sports will be invited to participate and coach our teams. Field trips could be made to the local sport facilities, Skating Rink, Park, Family Aquatic Center, etc.

6/25 - 6/29
Music in Me: The teachers and children will determine the instruments, type of music, etc. they want to explore in the U.S.A. and around the world. Field trips could be made to Hard Rock Café, local Music stores, music equipment stores, parents who are musicians will be invited to perform, etc.

7/2 - 7/6
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: The teachers and children will review our heritage , celebrate the wild, wild West and the Fourth of July.

7/9 - 7/13
Mysteries of Science: The teachers and children will review scientific discoveries, conduct science experiments and possibly make field trips to the Orlando Science Center, Ripley's believe it or not, Wonder Works and Titanic.

7/16 - 7/20
Arts and Crafts: The teachers and children will explore the arts and crafts that are of interest to them. This experience will enhance the sensory motor skills of our children. There are many different ways to experience arts and crafts using unusual materials.

7/23 - 7/27
The World: The World: The teachers and children will explore various countries, locations, languages and culture. They may select a day when they will dress up to honor the country they are studying or put on a show, etc.

7/25 - Closing the "Florida, The Sunshine State" project

7/26 & 7/27
TLC Closes for Professional Development with the teaching staff.

7/30- 8/2
Fun Week: The teachers and children will experience the true Reggio Emilia way of learning. They will decide that Monday what they want to do for fun that week or they may choose to include in this week's activities the items of interest to them that did not "fit" in our subject areas. It is their week and they will plan it to get the most fun from it.

Movie Stars: The children will be learning about their favorite movie stars. Field trips to see a movie could be scheduled.

Transitioning to Fall program: Children and teacher get organized for the Fall Program.


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